5 Ways to Make Money at Online Sportsbooks


In a traditional online sportsbook, customers pay a flat-fee subscription of around $500 a month, regardless of how much they bet. This doesn’t allow a sportsbook to scale, because customers will pay the same amount whether they bet only once or make hundreds of thousands of bets each month.

Arbitrage is a risk-free way to guarantee a profit

Arbitrage is a simple betting strategy that guarantees a profit from a sportsbook without risking your own money. All you have to do is bet on the opposite team that has a higher money line than the favorite. The odds compilers at different sportsbooks may read the game differently. If you have a knack for reading lines, you can find these discrepancies and capitalize on them.

However, it is crucial to be aware of possible pitfalls. High-odds comparison sites are a common target for hackers. These sites are tempting because they promise high profits per stake (up to 30 percent). However, these sites are not trustworthy and may sell your personal information to criminals.

Exotic bets are non-traditional sports bets

Exotic bets are bets that do not follow the traditional rules of sports betting. These bets include wagers that are non-traditional, such as prop bets or spread bets. These types of bets are not common during everyday games, but are popular during major events.

Exotic bets are often more complicated than traditional sports wagers, but they generally pay off better than traditional sports bets. These wagers include the Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Daily Double, and Pick 3. The Exacta requires more than one horse to finish in the first position, while the Superfecta requires more than one horse to finish in the top three. You can also place bets on the pick three, pick four, and pick five positions.

Betting against the public is a contrarian investment

Contrarian investing is a form of investment where you make bets against the crowd. This method exploits the public’s biases and inefficiencies to profit from them. In a sports betting market, for example, 85% of the bettors bet on the New England Patriots. This suggests that the market overvalues the Patriots, while undervaluing the New York Jets. In such a case, you can make a profit by betting on the New York Jets.

Contrarians believe in the value of undervalued teams. This mindset helps them capitalize on undervalued teams. In the NFL, for instance, an undervalued team may end up beating an overrated one. This is a very profitable strategy if you can identify such teams. You can get this information from the Betting Trends data available to members of Sports Insights.

Online sportsbooks offer lucrative welcome offers

Legal online sports betting sites like BetOnline, Bovada, and Bovada Sports offer lucrative welcome offers to new customers. Some online sportsbooks also offer ongoing promo codes, so you can make the most of your money with less risk. For example, BetOnline offers a 100% welcome bonus on your first crypto deposit, and the wagering requirement is just 14x. Lastly, BetOnline doesn’t have any daily deals, but they have lots of tournaments and contests you can participate in.

Welcome offers vary depending on the type of sports betting you’re looking for. Some sportsbooks will match up to 20% of your first deposit. Another welcome offer will give you an additional $1,000 in free bets when you deposit at least $5. These offers are perfect for high-rollers or low-budget bettors.