Lens Hood Vs. Camera Matte Box: Which is Improved?

Lights enjoy an unquestionably important role in pictures and cinematography: exclusive aesthetics can be expressed by controlling the gentle. But the other side of the coin is that your resourceful is effective can be ruined if pointless lights influence your lens throughout the taking pictures process. The good quality of your photographs decreases exponentially with very poor distinction of colors. When brilliant mild enters your camera’s lens, it scatters right after hitting the digicam sensors, resulting in an unwanted lens flare. 

To fix this dilemma, persons invented two add-ons for light blocking: camera matte bins and Lens hoods, which will be launched in this post. By examining their differences, this write-up may well assist you come to a decision which to opt for for your digicam. 

Two Techniques to Block the Light-weight: Lens Hood and Matte Box

Principally, let us determine out two inquiries: What are lens hoods? What does a matte box do? A lens hood is an extension that you can affix to your digicam lens to protect the lens, but the total of gentle that goes through the lens are unable to be altered. 

Opposite to this, a digital camera matte box is an accessory attached to a digital camera as it envelops the digital camera lens completely. There is a French flag on the box for you to regulate right until your image has realized the excellent light-weight and shadow influence.

Dissimilarities Concerning Lens Hood and Matte Box

In a matte box vs. lens hood discussion, both equally of the two equipment are considered to be valuable tools. Nonetheless, their differences are pretty clear, embodying in the subsequent five features:

Lens hoods are mostly built of rubber or plastic, some of which are collapsible and extendible. The matte box is designed up of plastic, aluminum alloy, or polycarbonate substance, contributing to its strength and sturdy durability.

Lens hood typically will come in two shapes, including cylindrical and petal. But in reality, they work the identical way – the shapes are built for aesthetic as an alternative of realistic. As the title suggests, a matte box is a rectangular box with an adjustable French flag to transform the light prior to it reaches the lens, doing away with the lens flare.

Attaching a camera matte box to your lens requirements merely two methods: slide the box more than the lens and tighten the screw on the clamping program. The included step of screwing the box helps make it steadily connected to the lens to give full-protect safety.

You do not need any screw to mount a lens hood – just line up the hood with the lens and tighten it up. It appears a lot more hassle-free, but when you accidentally fall the camera, the lens hood is simple to tumble off without having the set screw, hence creating destruction to the high priced lens. 

Most lens hoods are more cost-effective than matte boxes – immediately after all, the latter offers more characteristics and aesthetic knowledge. Having said that, buying a quality matte box can preserve you recurring payments simply because they past for a longer period and offer much better safety for your digital camera lens.

The most prominent element of the digicam matte box is the availability of extensions, which is absent from the lens hood. With intended slots for inserting filters, the matte box gives handy and quickly adjustment of coloration temperature and saturation, supporting your seize of quick inspiration.

Immediately after concluding the over five distinctions, you can now accordingly look at which is additional ideal for you.

Which Gentle Blocker Should really You Pick out?

Lens hood is ordinarily thought of the starter pack of pictures because of the minimal cost and hardly sufficient functions. Therefore, it fits the requirements of amateurs and rookies who do not have a confined budget to be invested in pictures. In the same way, quite a few begin-ups can also count on this in advance of eventually leaping on to the matte box.  

But for film-creating companies and seasoned videographers who generally pursue perfection, a digital camera matte box as experienced gear is additional recommended. The place is authorised by the reality that virtually each and every skilled photographer is outfitted with a digicam matte box. 

SmallRig’s Matte Box 3196: the Ideal Matte Box for You

Produced up of Polycarbonate, 6061 Aluminum alloy, and carbon fiber, SmallRig’s matte box 3196 is an all-inclusive digital camera matte box that is developed especially to cater to modern-working day pictures wants. To additional specifically, the excellent details of this matte box are:

  • It has a 180-diploma adjustable prime flag and an adjustable angle knob to block the gentle as you want with out any vignetting
  • The leading 1/4″-20 threaded holes and anti-twist 1/4″-20 threaded holes on the bottom make it out there for more attachments.
  • The dedicated filter frame offers a deal with for you to slide in and out, leaving no fingerprints on the filters which have an effect on the shooting
  • The matte box can be attached right to a 95mm lens, which will save your funds on purchasing the adapter rings. But you can also buy Φ52/55/58/62/86-95mm adapted ring from SmallRig if you choose to insert many filters, like UV, GND, CPL, and additional.


SmallRig camera matte box is an revolutionary alternative to the images and videography demands, as it provides qualified media creators with access to perfection. 

By producing issue-fixing products, SmallRig turns into a one-quit option provider that satisfies your desire for efficient functioning move, helping its world-wide shoppers seize the classy and aesthetic elements of lifetime. Even if you are just a traveler who likes to simply click nature’s attractiveness employing phones, SmallRig has transportable and multifunctional add-ons for you as properly. Check its web-site to receive the most effective price cut for the highly effective camera equipment now!

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