4 Reasons You Need a Countertop Grill Right Now

Having a charcoal grill indoors is impossible due to the smoke it emits. Likewise, even a gas grill is extremely dangerous as propane is highly flammable and it produces fumes while cooking. So how do you get grilling done indoors?

Well, the answer is simple. With a small countertop grill but that’s not the only reason to choose them. Here are few benefits of using an electric grill.

Easy on the pocket

  • Most of the top-notch household grills and griddles or even a Panini press shouldn’t cost you more than $100-$150 while you can get a budget model with basic grilling features for less than $50. Apart from that even maintain or cleaning an electric grill is easy thus lowering repair cost as well.
  • With charcoal or gas grills, overhead expenses are aplenty. You need to buy the right fuel/charcoals etc. Also, repair cost tends to be higher.

Countertop Grill

It’s easy to use

  • One of the main reasons these grills are so popular is because of the convenience they offer. Yes, they’ll easily fit into your home due to their compact design but they still provide a cooking surface enough to grill for a family of 4-5.
  • Also, they are easily portable and can be moved from one place to another with great ease be it the kitchen countertop, your balcony etc.
  • All the removable parts of an electric grill are dishwasher safe (unless stated otherwise) and cleaning the non-stick or ceramic cooking area takes a few minutes.
  • Also with electric grills maintaining or changing the temperature is quite easy and can be turned with a simple turn of the knob. Also, heat is more evenly distributed thus making cooking faster and easier.

Countertop Grill 2

You can party anywhere and everywhere

  • If you’re living on rent or in an apartment, use of charcoal or even gas grills indoor is probably banned as they are a fire risk and also smoke from the charcoal can be harmful to children or those with respiratory disorders.
  • With an electric grill/griddle that can fit on your kitchen countertop, no such restriction or ban can be enforced. Electric grills are a cheaper and eco-friendly choice.

Zero fumes

  • Like I mentioned above, gas grills tend to produce fumes when cooking on high heat. This makes cooking indoors highly dangerous and risky but with an electric grill that’s no longer a problem.
  • Electric grills and griddles are the safest to use. These grills work by heating up the cooking surface which is usually non-stick or ceramic.

Countertop Grill 3

Few Cons

It’s also worth to take a look at the cons of an electric grill and the one thing we hate about it is the fact that you always need a power source nearby to operate it thus limiting portability.

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